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Splash with Shelene Bryan Podcast: Jonathan Talks to Shelene about Facing the Fight of His Life

Part 1: August 12, 2018

Jonathan Koch was a Hollywood producer with over 150 TV series under his belt. He was a dedicated athlete, had a girlfriend he adored, and a daughter he lived for – he had it all. But when he was stricken with a mysterious illness and given a 10% chance to live, Jonathan was faced with the fight of his life. We’re all faced with some kind of battle, we all have something to survive.

Part 2: December 14, 2018

Last time Hollywood producer Jonathan Koch was in the splash zone, he shared his miraculous story of facing death, healing, and receiving a hand transplant. In this episode, he returns with an update on his journey and to share about his emotional meeting with his donor’s family. This time with Jono will remind and inspire you to live everyday with purpose.

Listen to Part 2 here:


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