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Dr. Ronda Beaman

Peak Learning, Inc.

"Because once in a great while, we are fortunate to meet and learn from someone like

Jonathan Koch. Someone who has more than succeeded, more than suffered, more

than shared and more than survived.


He has lived the lesson, fought the fight and come out the other side, better, bigger,

more. And this is what every person in any room for any purpose is hoping they will be

witness to and be inspired by.​"

Alex Piper


"Knowing the story he had to share, I instantly recommended Jonathan to be one of speakers that come in every other month and address the senior executives at the FOX Broadcasting Company. He was quickly approved. All I know is that Jonathan Koch walks amongst us today to help inspire. To help motivate. To help us all laugh more, care more and appreciate more. You'll never regret a second spent with him."

Michael W. Moyer

National Wrestling Coaches Assocation

"This past March, we were fortunate enough to have Jonathan serve as our keynote speaker at our annual Wrestlers in Business Network (WIBN) social held in conjunction with our NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships in Cleveland.  Again, Jonathan was spectacular.  His message evokes many different emotions from the audience ranging from tears to laughter.  You can be sure that every person will take away an inspiring and motivation message when he speaks."

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