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A Remarkable Journey of Survival and Resilience: Jonathan Speaks at ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting

Jonathan Koch and Dr. Victoria Shanmugam - 2017 at GW Hospital

The Opening Lecture (4:30 pm Saturday), which will feature Hollywood film producer Jonathan Koch, who survived macrophage activation syndrome and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. It ultimately resulted in the amputation of his hands and feet and an eventual hand transplant. His story is really a remarkable journey of survival and resilience, and I think it will be a valuable experience for everyone that attends. Jonathan’s resilience through this illness, and his ability to turn a situation that was quite bleak at times into this incredibly inspiring story and experience, is special, Dr. Victoria Shanmugam, MBBS, MRCP, remarks in response to what she is most excited about at this year's ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting.

The ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of rheumatology professionals in the world takes place October 19-24 in Chicago. Almost 16,000 rheumatologists, allied health professionals, trainees, exhibitors, and others from more than 100 countries come together to learn about and discuss the latest scientific and clinical developments in this field.

Dr. Shanmugam was one of the doctors that treated Jonathan when he first fell ill in January 2015 in Washington, D.C.

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