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There is a lot of suffering in our world and having a team of people around that loves and supports you is vital to helping get through and overcome anything. In addition to your team, YOU have to be your own advocate and surround yourself with people that WANT to be there, instead of those that HAVE to be there. From doctors to nurses, to friends and family, to physical trainers, to prosthetists and so many others, Jonathan surrounded himself with an A plus team of people who went above and beyond to help him get back to his life as seen on ABC's 20/20.


Scroll down to meet Jonathan's team that helped him recover from the brink of death, to getting out of a wheelchair and walking again to getting a new human hand. There were also hundreds, if not thousands of people who prayed for Jonathan's recovery and their prayers were felt, so THANK YOU to every single person, even those that just sent positive thoughts. Forever grateful. 


Jonathan Koch and his wife, Jennifer Koch

Jennifer Koch, formerly Jennifer Gunkel, was Jonathan's fiance at the time he became ill in January 2015. Today, Jonathan and Jennifer have been together for almost 10 years and overcoming Jonathan's illness and all that followed brought the pair closer together. 


Jennifer previously worked at Beachbody, makers of hit workout programs P90X and Insanity, as their Social Media Manager. 

jennifer koch

Jonathan's Wife and Medial Power of Attorney

Jonathan and his wife Jennifer, April 2017. Copyright Steve Schofield.

2015-08-17 Jen and Jonathan Married in Back yard the day before Jonathans leg amputation surgery
Jonathan and Jennifer - At home with Dogs 3
Jonathan and Jennifer - Hold hands with transplant 3
Jonathan and Jennifer - 2015 with Sasha - older picture as Sasha has since passed
2015-03-16 Jennifer bring Sasha to MN to see Jonathan for first time in months
2015-03-01 Jonathan and Jennifer after he has woken up from coma and lost almost 40 pounds at 180 lb

dr. kodi azari

Jonathan's Hand Transplant Surgeon, UCLA

scott zeller

When Jonathan needed a personal trainer who would train him in his wheelchair, his wife, Jennifer knew she could call upon her resources from her former job at Beachbody (makers of hit workout programs like P90X and Insanity). She was connected to Scott through one of the Beachbody trainers and later that night had a phone call with Scott, asking "Can you train my husband... he's in a wheelchair but he wants to workout like a normal person."

Jonathan and Scott immediately became a dynamic duo of creating new workouts, that were incredible challenging at a level Jonathan required and appreciated. Scott created unique workouts on a daily basis to adapt to Jonathan's changing condition. 

Scott is a personal trainer at Goaline Fitness in Simi Valley, CA.

Jonathan's Personal Trainer, Goaline Fitness

Dr. Lynn Abell

Dr. Bruce Abell​

Dr. Michael Seneff

Dr. victoria shanmugam


Jonathan's Prosthetist, Hanger Prosthetics 

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