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About jennifer koch

Jennifer Koch, formerly Jennifer Gunkel, was Jonathan's fiance at the time he became ill in January 2015. Today, Jonathan and Jennifer have been together for almost 10 years and overcoming Jonathan's illness and all that followed brought the pair closer together. 


Jennifer previously worked at Beachbody, makers of hit workout programs P90X and Insanity, as their Social Media Manager. 

Jonathan Koch and his wife, Jennifer Koch

Jonathan and his wife Jennifer, April 2017. Copyright Steve Schofield.

2015-08-17 Jen and Jonathan Married in Back yard the day before Jonathans leg amputation surgery
Jonathan and Jennifer - At home with Dogs 3
Jonathan and Jennifer - Hold hands with transplant 3
Jonathan and Jennifer - 2015 with Sasha - older picture as Sasha has since passed
2015-03-16 Jennifer bring Sasha to MN to see Jonathan for first time in months
2015-03-01 Jonathan and Jennifer after he has woken up from coma and lost almost 40 pounds at 180 lb
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